Montenegro, Tivat

412.000€ - 5.749.000€

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Porto Montenegro is the most vibrant marina-side shopping village in the Adriatic. Bringing together established international brands and local businesses, this dynamic mix of over 50 stores including fashion and accessories stores, bars and restaurants, a spa and hair salon, as well as yachting services and amenities, has year-round appeal. Restaurants offer everything from traditional local cuisine to Italian, Mediterranean and Asian whilst the fashion stores stock designer labels alongside a host of independent boutiques.

Our intimate collection of waterfront properties and promenade real estate offers high-specification studios, 1-4 bedroom luxury apartments, duplex homes and penthouse suites for sale and rental, representing the finest selection of Adriatic real estate and undoubtedly the leading real estate in Montenegro today.

Porto Montenegro has all the residencial facilities that can satisfy the tastes and needs of guests. For your stay choose one of our apartments, from one-bedroom to three-bedroom apartments in a collection of nautical settlements, with a spectacular view. Each building has its own exclusive swimming pool, concierge, 24 hour security and reception staff. The spectacular Regent Porto Montenegro hotel with 5 stars and the new extension of the Regent Pool Club hotel, which begins in July 2017, offers a very special pool experience. The Regent has 57 rooms, one-bedroom and three-bedroom, as well as two penthouses. The hotel's spa center, 4 gastronomic contents and exclusive events are just some of the reasons why staying in Porto Montenegro is unforgettable.

Designed by ReardonSmith Architects (UK) and WATG (UK), combined with world-renowned interior designer Tino Zervudachi of Milinaric, Henry & Zervudachi (FR), Porto Montenegro residences unite traditional architecture and contemporary lines with soft colours, elegant stones and hardwoods.

All our luxury residences and  waterfront apartments enjoy enviable views over the Boka Bay, one of the Balkan region's undiscovered gems, while charming piazzas, restaurants and shops nearby offer all the convenience of a waterfront community.

More information on: +386 1244 5002 or on a.osmanovic@ljn.si




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Offer of the project

Label Surface Price Status Ground plan
Apartment, 4-room 184 m2 1.068.000€ - 2.155.000€ Available Yes
Apartment, 4-room 498 m2 5.638.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 4-room 510 m2 5.749.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 3-room 322 m2 2.323.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 69 m2 412.000€ - 712.000€ Available No
Apartment, 3-room 104 m2 596.000€ - 1.457.000€ Available No
Apartment, 4-room 183 m2 1.159.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 4-room 193 m2 1.060.000 € Available No
Apartment, 2-room 88 m2 509.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 99 m2 561.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 94 m2 529.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 4-room 208 m2 1.829.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 3-room 146 m2 1.258.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 3-room 125 m2 894.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 3-room 168 m2 1.175.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 83 m2 504.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 3-room 173 m2 1.474.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 83 m2 480.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 74 m2 460.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 3-room 163 m2 944.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 85 m2 476.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 75 m2 443.000 € Available No
Apartment, 3-room 167 m2 912.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 78 m2 485.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 85 m2 446.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 2-room 85 m2 452.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 3-room 177 m2 892.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 4-room 282 m2 2.566.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 4-room 249 m2 1.658.000 € Available Yes
Apartment, 4-room 261 m2 1.068.000€ - 2.155.000€ Available Yes

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Predrag Todić

Licenca: 00615